That’s all, folks

When Fudge That Sugar went on hiatus in March, I had every intention of returning to it soon. But as my life has gone through very big changes and the break got longer and longer, the more I realized that I just don’t have the time or, more importantly, the energy to come back to the comic. Not right now, anyway.

So, Fudge That Sugar is over. I might return to it someday, or it may come back in a very different form, but for now, it’s done. I’ll still be updating Twice Shy on a weekly basis, and I’ll still be embarrassing myself on Twitter regularly.

Thanks to everyone who read the comic on a regular basis; Fudge That Sugar was an awesome experience for me, and it’s because you guys thought I wasn’t terrible. Thanks for that. The octopus and I will miss you all very much.

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22 Responses to That’s all, folks

  1. Kate says:

    I am truly sad to see this, I loved reading this comic from the beginning. But it’s completely understandable to move on from it. I’m sure all your fans will continue reading Twice Shy and whatever else you plan to do. Thanks for such a fun read!

  2. Toni says:

    I’m so sad that you won’t be making anymore comics :( your ridiculously funny

  3. sorrygnat says:

    your dearness shines thru your Fudge pieces; glad our lives touched in a cyber way and wish you huge success and love in your life!

  4. Holly Dee says:

    I am so goddamn sad now.

  5. Aubrey's Real Mom says:

    This is a sad day, I agree, but you have to go where life takes you. Glad Twice Shy will live on…I’d hate to lose ALL causes of random uncontrollable laughter at my desk. See you soon!

  6. Jared says:

    It will be missed! I look forward to your other projects!

  7. Regina says:

    Oh no! I’ll miss your comic! I’m leaving you in my Google Reader for awhile, just in case. ;) Cheers.

  8. milieus says:

    We will miss you! Good luck with your new endeavours!

    <3 Milieu

  9. Garret says:

    Lame… Your comic was good, easy to draw, and came from your life experiences . I for one am seriously disappointed in you for not having the energy to commit to doing it anymore. Did you run out of ideas already? probably not cause you’re doing that twice shy thing.

    Pick it up and get back in the Game!!!! I miss laughing at your comics 3 times a week.

  10. Tucker says:

    best of luck!

  11. kristophine says:

    Good luck with everything. If you ever come back to comics…

    …I’ll be waiting.

  12. Jeremy says:

    No no no no NO. My big 3 in webcomic reading has for a year been:

    1st: Xkcd. 2nd: Wondermark. 3rd: Questionable Content. 4th: Fudge that gulled dang sugar.

    My life has been in shambles since you’ve stopped! In your absence I’ve looked for solace in A Softer World, Dinosaur Comics, and even my college ex-girlfriend’s favorite from ten years ago (Dieselsweeties), all comics I’d abandoned years ago and have only reignited an interest in since you stopped, like when you have a breakup and you start calling people you dated half a decade earlier and get really bummed when you find out they’re engaged now to that creepy person you always really hated. Wait, that sentence went from metaphorical at the start to autobiographical at the end. Anyway, though all of them comics are amusing mainstays, my life is just not the same without Fudge That Frigid Piece of Showering Sure-headed Sugar! I need you. I refuse to accept this.

    This is like when my friend Ange told me she didn’t like Led Zeppelin. My response was, “Ha, whatevs. I don’t believe you.”

  13. Lindsey says:

    I’m really sorry to hear that you won’t be updating anymore. Your comic really was very funny and I enjoyed reading it every week. However, life throws us curve balls sometimes and we have to roll with it and keep trying to hit a home run. I hope you are hitting home run after home run after home run right now. Good luck in everything your’e doing and I’ll keep reading your stuff at Twice Shy. Thanks for all the laughs!

  14. Chris Eckland says:

    Aw man, poop. Big poop. That sucks, but it’s good to move on. I love your humor, thanks.

  15. that’s indeed incredibly sad to hear! wish you the best of luck, have to finally add twiceshy to my favorites and hope you’ll one day change your genious mind to return to the honeypot of funny that was fudge that sugar.

  16. Linds says:

    Aww, that’s really sad. Your comics are wonderfully hilarious. Do what’s right for you, though. Good luck with everything!

  17. Phil says:

    You did a wonderful job, I’ll be watching Twice Shy and looking forward to seeing more new stuff from you.

  18. Best wishes with everything. I hope life conspires to let you come back to FTS soon.

  19. Julie Was Here says:

    AW! I can’t believe that I only just today found this blog. I had to subscribe the moment that I found #105: Feminist. It was spot-on. Too bad ignorant comments had to cause comments to be disabled.
    And it’s over. I’m sad that I missed everything.
    Best of luck to you from a fan who arrived too late.

  20. Xaromir says:

    But i just discoverd you and you are awesuuuuuuuuuum! >.<
    Well maybe one day… :D

  21. Andrew says:

    This is the end of my Fudge the sugar addiction and I am already having with drawls just like these other comic sites:

    I am such an addict. Oh why Kat? WHY can’t I have more don’t send me on another endless stumbleupon search … aahhhhgggg (clicks stumble button)

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