#39: Company Outings

In my defense, I don’t work very hard. (Thanks, Homer Simpson, for that valuable line.)

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11 Responses to #39: Company Outings

  1. Garret says:

    So you’re a fry jockey?

  2. @ Garret – It’s the hat hair, isn’t it?
    Good story.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I keep reading this comic, thinking that one day it will disappoint just a little, like almost every comic I’ve ever read. One day it won’t actually make me laugh out loud. That day has yet to come. The laughter continues.

  4. Garret says:

    Yeah it’s his hair I guess it looks like a fry hat

  5. Garret says:

    Brandon Manitoba bro

    I used to date a couple of them mcdonald’s hotties when I was like 17-18 they had some rocking underaged drinking christmas parties!

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  7. milieus says:

    Wow… that dude looks like the typical boss-butt-kisser.

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