#94: The Superbowl

The boy and I held our first Super Bowl party, which involved two days of frantically cleaning our apartment for four hours of friends who couldn’t care less how our apartment looks. But it all ended with pizza, beer, and delightful conversation. Oh, right, and football, I guess.

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17 Responses to #94: The Superbowl

  1. I LOVED this. I laughed my head off and told my husband to read it. “Tell me when you get it!” I squealed. Then he got it and laughed his head off, too. Kudos!

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  3. Laura says:

    That really was superb.

  4. bman says:

    Word play. Excellent.

  5. Mark says:

    This took a while… but it was worth it.

  6. Erin says:

    bahahaha this is brilliant Kat!
    I am going to show it to every student that comes in the library today… we’ll see how long it takes to click :)

  7. Weston says:

    I must be really slow or really dumb, but I really don’t get it….

  8. urbannight says:

    That was fantastic. I have to remember to forward this link to my stitching group. They should love it.

  9. Lorraine says:

    I’m drawing a blank. Someone point me in the direction of learning, please.


  10. David says:

    What makes him so special? Stupid elitist, hipster owl on his vintage perch…

  11. Lorraine says:

    Oh joy! <3 I love owls.
    I totally didn't get it! Hah!
    Thank you for the explanation. I thought there was some popular culture reference I wasn't understanding.
    I don't watch TV too often, you see..

  12. Louise says:

    I can completely relate to the cleaning sentiment. Bein from Australia the superbowl isn’t on my radar, but every gathering we ever have at our place goes the same way. I sometimes think of having an event at my place, just to get it clean :)

  13. blackwatertown says:

    Ah – lovely to return to this excellent one. It was a tweet (rather than a too-witt) that brought me back.

  14. Marcellus Kralicek says:

    When I was a student at Tulane, I learned from experience to get out of town after Fat Tuesday because the following citywide hangover grew oppressive. It feels a little like the day after Mardi Gras here on this gray, rainy Monday in New Orleans, but more satisfying. One of the nuttiest Super Bowls in memory capped off a terrific week for New Orleans. Perhaps I stayed a couple days extra in the city with my family because I don’t want to go home.”

    Please do inspect our very own online site

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